The Greater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour, its members, spectators, and playing guest, will adhere to USGA rules. The Greater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour may also be referred to as the Committee, or the Greater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour.

The Greater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour reserves the right to publish local rules as they pertain to this membership and it’s events. Those local rules can be found in the body of the Greater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour Rules section. Local rules can also be published and placed into affect for individual tournaments as needed. 


18 Holes

  • 16-18 Boys
  • 13-15 Boys
  • 10-12 Boys
  • 14-18 Girls
  • 11-13 Girls

*Cut off date for 15-18 year old division for IMG World Qualifier is July 14. Cut off date for all other divisions is July 13.



the committee

  1. The "Committee" is the committee in charge of the competition or, if the matter does not arise in a competition, the committee in charge of the course.


code of conduct

  1. Violations of the Code of Conduct include but are not limited to the following:

    a. Use of tobacco, tobacco products or alcohol before, during or after competition. Use of tobacco, tobacco products or alcohol on the competition site is included in this rule.

    b. Use of illegal substances before, during or after competition. Use of illegal substances on the competition site is included in this rule.

    c. Disrespect of volunteers, officials and/or course personnel.

    d. Abuse of Golf Course, Clubhouse and/or any Club or course facilities.

    e. Non-raked bunkers.

    f. Improper deposit of trash. Trash implies anything that is not part of the course or the facilities.

    g. Abusive and/or vulgar language is strictly prohibited.

    h. Throwing a golf club.

    i. Vandalism of the golf course, Clubhouse and/or any Club or course facilities.

    j. Cheating.

    k. Ball marks not repaired. 

    2. Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a Two Stroke penalty, Disqualification, or removal ofGreater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour Member privileges if deemed appropriate by the Committee.



  1.  All play shall be governed by USGA Rules and its decisions; and where applicable, by local rules, conditions, and definements, subject to changes by the Committee. Decisions of the Committee are final. 
  2. Competition is considered to have closed when all players have submitted their scorecards to the Tournament Director and the results are officially announced. 
  3. Protest of any contest and/or tournament is not allowed. Decisions of the Committee and/or Tournament Director are final. 
  4. The outcome (i.e. winners and losers) of all tournaments is      final and cannot be reversed.
  5. If you want a large banner slideshow on a Regular Page, place a Slideshow Gallery Block at the very top of the Page, before all other blocks.


pace of play

  1. USGA Rule 6.7 states, in part: “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Committee.  
  2. For the purpose of preventing slow play, the Committee may, in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33- 1) lay down pace of play guidelines including maximum periods of time allowed to complete a stipulated round, hole or stroke. 
  3. In stroke play only, the committee may, in such a condition, modify the penalty for a breach of this Rule as follows:

First offense – Warning

Second offense – One stroke

Third offense – Additional Two stroke penalty

For subsequent offense – disqualification. 

Penalty for breach of Rule 6.7 in other forms of competition:

          * Match play - Loss of hole

          * Stableford competition – See Rule 32-1 b, Note 2. 

4. Note 2: Undue delay; slow play (Rule 6.7) – The player’s score shall be adjusted by deducting two points from the total points scored for the round.   

For subsequent offense – disqualification. 

5. When it has been determined that a player or group is out of position by the Committee and/or an official, that player or group is expected to play any stroke within 45 seconds when it is his/her turn to play. 

6. If the player or group in question regains its proper position, any previous timings of more than 45 seconds will be carried over for the remainder of that round in the event that player/group requires additional monitoring. 

7. Local Rule: Only two practice swings for all ages is allowed. Continuous Putting or “putting-out” is required for ages 12 and under.



  1. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to watch their junior golfer. All spectators are to stay in front of the group they are watching. All spectators are to stay at a distance of 30 yards from all junior golfers while on the course. On the course means, “from first tee to completion of play and until the junior golfer has turned in his/her score card”. 
  2. Spectators are not permitted to communicate with any junior golfer during competition. You may clap and encourage the junior player.  
  3. No direct or indirect communication is allowed at any time. 

The penalty for a breach of this Rule as follows:

First offense – Warning

Second offense – One stroke

Third offense – Additional Two stroke penalty

For subsequent offense – disqualification. 


  1. “Advice” is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke.
  2. Information on the Rules or on matters of public information such as position of hazards or the flagstick on the putting green, is not advice. 
  3. No players, parents or spectators shall be allowed to coach or give advice to any player who is competing during play.


  1. The use of caddies is prohibited.
  2. Players in the 8 & Under divisions may use a caddy only.


  1. The use of motorized carts is prohibited 
  2. Pull carts are permitted for use by any age group and division.
  3. No player is allowed to ride in a powered cart during competition. On occasion the Tournament Director and/or Committee may allow transport of players from green to tee. 
  4. The rental of carts and price for said rentals is controlled by the hosting golf course.  
  5. All spectators using powered carts must remain on the cart path at all when operating the carts. 


  1. Scorecards are to be exchanged in all divisions of 12 – 18 year olds. Each player should verify his/her score and that of their opponents after each hole and prior to next tee box. It is advised by the Committee that each player verify their score prior to signing their scorecard. 

  2. Scorecards are to be exchanged in divisions of 9 – 10 year olds, but verified with assigned scorekeeper before the start of the next hole. 

  3. Scorecards will be kept by the assigned scorekeepers for divisions of 8 and under year olds. 

  4. Parents are not permitted to become involved with the scoring of any player in any division.

  5. Any player that does not turn in a scorecard will be scored as NC (not completed) and not permitted to compete in the next event.

  6. All scorecards must be signed by both players and scorekeeper, where appropriate, prior to turning scorecard in to a Tournament Official. 

starting times

  1.  Players are to report to the Starter 10 minutes prior to their starting times. 

  2. Any player that arrives 5 minutes after starting time will be assessed a twooke penalty. 


  1.  Ties for first place will be determined by a hole-by-hole playoff weather and/or daylight permitting. 

  2. All other place positions resulting in a tie will be determined by a putt-off weather and/or daylight permitting. 

  3. In the event that weather and/or lack of proper daylight for play, prohibits a play-off or putt-off, a scorecard playoff will occur beginning with the #1 handicap hole and continuing with required handicapped holes as needed to determine the winner or other places. 

dress codes

  1. All players are to dress as required by the hosting golf course. 

  2. All spectators are to dress as required by the hosting golf course. 

  3. Local Rule(s):

All players are required to wear the following:

a.  Collared shirts. Shirts must remain tucked in.

b.  Pants and/or shorts must be worn at proper height and secured by a belt.

c.   Soft spikes

d.   Hats must be properly worn with hat-bill facing forward.

All players are not permitted to wear the following:

a. Cut-off shorts

b. Tee shirts

e. Tank tops

f. Halter tops

g. Denim shorts or jeans

h. Short shorts

i. Metal spikes

j. Bare midriff tops

k. Head phones

l. Any reference to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs or other illegal substance or substance deemed inappropriate by the Committee on any piece of clothing and/or jewelry. 

4. Any violation of any part of the Dress Code will result in the player not permitted to play until infraction is corrected and possible disqualification from the tournament. 


  1. Players are permitted to withdraw from any tournament 8 days prior to the event and have their tournament fee transferred to the next tournament. 
  2. The Committee will not transfer tournament fee to the next event when a Player withdraws within 7 days or less. 
  3. No refunds will be distributed due to in-climate weather.

distance measuring device

  1. Players are permitted to uyse devices that measure distance only. Devices that are capable of gauging or measuring other conditions are not permitted.